Thermal spray metal coating is a versatile technique that offers numerous benefits in various industries. This innovative process involves applying a thin layer of metal onto a substrate, providing enhanced protection and improved performance. With the use of advanced technology and high-quality materials, metal spray coating can effectively enhance the durability and resistance of components against corrosion, wear, and high temperatures. Additionally, this coating method allows for precise control over thickness and coverage, ensuring uniformity and consistency. Whether it's for automotive parts, aerospace components, or industrial machinery, thermal spray metal coating is a reliable solution that extends the lifespan of materials while maintaining optimal functionality.

Melted metal material is sprayed onto a metal surface to get corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance property, Metal coating are applied mainly to ferrous metals in order to protect ferrous metal.

Metal sprayed per coatings are aluminium, Zinc, molybdenum monel, Inconel, Tin, SS 316, Copper,Bronze, Titanium, Hastelloy, Tantalum, etc.

Normally 20 micron to 1 mm Thk metal coating is applied on metal & Can be used upto maximum 650° C

Applications of Thermal Spray Coating

  1. Chemical plant equipment
  2. Shaft repair
  3. Pumps and Values
  4. Parts of Aero space & Air craft
Metal Maximum Working Temp °C Maximum Thk MM Corrosion Protection Wear Protection
Zinc 210 2 - -
Aluminium 350 2 -
Molybdenum 350 1 -
Brass 450 2 -
Monel 480 1 - -
SS316 540 2
Titanium 540 1 - -
Copper 760 2 - -
Hastelloy C 1050 1 -