What is HALAR® Coating?

Halar® is but a brand name for ECTFE (Ethylene Chlorotrifluoroethylene). It is a fluorocarbon based fluoropolymer, a kind of plastic. It provides high impact strength, chemical and corrosion resistance over a wide temperature range of -76˚C to 150˚C. Coatings made from HALAR® ECTFE provide excellent chemical resistance and electrical properties to equipments that are operating at the temperatures up to 300℉. These are best suited for full vacuum applications.

We offer HALAR Coating (Ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene) in two variants, (1) Regular Halar Coating which looks Greenish Grey Coloured and (2) Antistatic Halar Coating which is Black Coloured.

Applications of HALAR® Coatings

  • HALAR® ECTFE coatings are used to minimize wear in high frictional applications, where dimensional stability is a requirement.
  • Typical applications include bearings, cams, valve seals, semi conductor tooling and cables.
  • This coating can be used as bearing surface for machine tools.
  • Can be used in electrical insulators due to high resistivity and low dielectric constant.
  • Can be bonded by using the same type of epoxy resin or Ultra Sonics as other fluoropolymers.
  • Chemical properties of HALAR® coating resembles ETFE but with lower melting points.

HALAR® Coatings are ideal for Chemical applications

HALAR® is one of the most chemical resistant polymers that are available today. Some luminous characteristics of HALAR® which meets the industrial demanding applications:

  • Excellent release properties
  • Extremely smooth surface
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Low cold flow
  • Ideal to operate at the temperatures (up to 300℉)
  • Mechanically tough with excellent abrasion and impact resistance