Rubber lining is applied on metal to prevent corrosion of chemicals, Process of rubber lining involves bonding rubber sheet with adhesive and sintering of equipment. However rubber lining gives protection from corrosion due to acids only, it is not suitable for handling solvent & caustic solution.

Polymers are suitable for handling acids, alkalis &solvents up to higher temperature, depending upon the operating conditions & chemicals used we can use, HDPE, PP, Etc. Roto Lining as replacement of rubber lining.

Advantages of HDPE & PP Roto Lining compared to rubber lining are as follow:

HDPE Roto Lining

It has smooth finish better temperature resistance upto 60°C & sub-freezing temp upto -50°C, suitable for strong Caustics, storing organic & inorganic acids, water treatment, prime, plastic solution, lab & photo chemicals, etc. Also HDPE Roto Lining is Food Compatible.

PP Roto Lining

It has better temperature resistance upto 90°C, It has good resistance to many organic chemical, suitable for etch tanks for processing silicon wares, plating & pickling solution, sanitary process etc. Also, PP Roto Lining is food compatible.