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Silicon Carbide (SiC) Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

SiC Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Silicon Carbide Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger India
SiC Heat Exchanger, Silicon Carbide Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger India
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Silicon Carbide Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Our Silicon Carbide heat exchanger can be used as an excellent substitute to replace heat exchangers made of Hestalloy, Titanium, Fluoroplastic, Glass, Graphite etc for corrosive application.

Silicon carbide heat exchanger boost of high strength, high temperature resistance, high thermal conductivity & excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance. its outstanding thermal conductivity contributes to lower surface area for same heat duty compared to other material there by reducing the size of heat exchanger.

Applications of SiC Heat Exchanger

  1. Pharmaceutical, Api & Bulk drugs
  2. Fine Chemicals
  3. Bromine, Sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, hydro chloric acid etc.
  4. Sodium hydroxides & other alkalis
  5. Hydrogenated compounds
  6. brine solution & organic compounds

Advantages SiC Heat Exchanger

  1. Much higher thermal conductivity then other corrosion resistant materials except graphite.
  2. Less heat exchange area(HTA) with same heat exchange efficiency(THE)
  3. Smaller size
  4. Long service life
  5. Lower cost
  6. Unlike graphite, silicon carbide does not contain binders to leach out in corrosive solutions
  7. Silicon carbide help minimize fouling & scaling that would reduce heat transfer rates of metals and graphite.

Operating conditions of SiC Heat Exchanger

  • Pressure: full vacuum to 5 Kg per
  • Temperature: -30℃ to 200℃

Technical Data of SiC Heat Exchanger

  • Heat exchange Area: 0.8 to 50 m2
  • Shell Dia: DN 100 to DN 500 mm
  • Flange std: ANSI 150
  • Shell: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
  • Bonnet: PFA lined Carbon Steel / PFA lined Stainless Steel
  • Tube Sheet: PTFE/ GFT
  • Tube: Silicon Carbide 14 it 19 OD x 2000 mm long
  • Thermal Conductivity: 100 to 125 W/mtr.deg C
  • Service: Gas Condensation
    - Liquid - Liquid Cooling
    - Liquid - Liquid heating

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