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PFA/ETFE Coated Reactors

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Capacity: 10 Ltrs 10000 Ltrs Flange Type Reactors Operating Conditions:

Temperature: (- 50) degree C to (200) degree C Pressure: Full Vacuum to 6 Kg / Sq Cm


Sr No Features
1 Suitable for HF & Fluorinated Products
2 Suitable for Alkaline Ph Upto 14 without temperature restrictions
3 Thermal Shock is not developed
4 All types of blades of Agitator can be given for higher efficiency of mixing
5 Higher RPM of Agitator is possible
6 In Built Baffle can be provided on Shell
7 Abrasion Resistance is higher compare to other MOC's
8 Base metal of Reactor can be MS & SS
9 Antistatic Conductive Surface of coating is possible in reactor

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