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HDPE / PP / PVDF / HALAR Coated Centrifuge

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HDPE / PP / PVDF / HALAR Coated Centrifuge is used for handling corrosive chemicals for separating solids from slurry (mixture of Solid & Liquid).

Manual Top Discharge Centrifuge :

One of the simplest type of centrifuge widely used in industry. Solid material is scooped out manually from the top of the centrifuge. Outer Body can be Full Body opening type for easy cleaning of centrifuge. Full Lid opening also available for easy cleaning and maintenances, 4 pt mounting with Inertia Plate & Anti-Vibration Mounts.

Bag Lifting Top Discharge Centrifuge:

This type of centrifuge is an improvement on the basic Manual Top Discharge Centrifuge. It has a conical shell of Basket for easy removal of Filter bag along with solid material from basket. It reduces solid material removal time and may increase production.

HDPE Coated Centrifuge is replacement of Rubber lined centrifuge as its chemicals resistance is better than Rubber.

MS / PP Coated Centrifuge is replacement of SS 316 centrifuge for some of the application.

PVDF Coated Centrifuge is replacement of HALAR Coated centrifuge as its having similar chemicals resistance and for handling Chlorinated & Brominates product better than HALAR.

HALAR Coated Centrifuge is used universally for API, Bulk drug and FDI applications.

All polymers are also available with antistatic properties having surface resistivity 10e4 to 10e8 Ohms per Sq.


Polymer Compatibility & Application Non - Compatibility
HDPE Storage of Caustics, Metal Finishing Chemicals, Organic &In Organic Acids, Water Treatment Chemicals, Plating Chemicals & Brine   FDA 21 CFR 177. 1520 Strong Oxidizing Agents, Aromatic Hydro Carbons & Halogenated Aliphatic Hydro Carbons
PP Suitable for many corrosive chemicals which are not suitable for FRP Storage of Sulfuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrofluoric Acid, Organic & In Organic Chemicals Strong Oxidizing Agents & Halogenated Aliphatic Hydro Carbons
PVDF Superior Resistance to Inorganic Acids, Strong Oxidizing Agents & Halogenated Chemicals   FDA 21 CFR 177. 2510 Ketones, Esters, Amines & Hot Concentrated Caustics
HALAR Similar to PVDF but having better resistance to Ketones   FDA 21 CFR 177. 2510 Amines & Halogenated Hydro Carbons like MDC, EDC, Bromo Benzene
Polymer Chemical Resistance Stress Crack Resistance Maximum Operating Temperature Brittleness Temperature Impact Resistance FDA Applicability Color
HDPE Very Good Good Deg C -70 Deg C Good Yes Black
PP Very Good Excellent 65 Deg C -118 Deg C Excellent No Offwhite
PVDF Excellent Good 80 Deg C -40 Deg C Good Yes Brown
HALAR Excellent Good 95 Deg C -80 Deg C Good Yes Green

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